Laura Pausini and Biagio Antonacci concert in Rome!


Stadio Olimpico
Viale dei Gladiatori
Sat, 06/29/2019 - 21:00

It is the first public appearance on 3 December for Laura Pausini, after the victory of the Latin Grammy.

The occasion is that of the announcement, together with his friend and colleague Biagio Antonacci, of a ten-stage tour for the next 2019.

"LB2019" will be on June 29th at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

A tour that will tell of this fraternal friendship that has lasted for 25 years, marked by numerous collaborations such as the song Between you and the sea, the first in 2000.

The latter is particularly significant for Pausini, as it represented the first professional "no" when everyone advised her not to choose it.

"Biagio sat down on the couch and started to sing Between you and the sea. It's one of the most important songs of my career. It was the first time I rebelled against those who told me that this song was not going well, it is not a record "

"It was a day when I felt particularly down, when Biagio told me about this idea. And his phrase "so we are a bit together ... let's take our hand and go" made me feel a little child "

"That look I saw when I reached it in Rome to take the photos for the tour"

A photo that contains everything that will characterize this tour: the barriers, a symbol of sweat and the rock part, the elegant dresses that represent the Italian spirit and the ballads that have marked the history of Italian pop.

What to expect from these live shows? An explosion, the somewhat aggressive part and the excitement of the songs that, as Pausini states, changed their lives and that of their audience.

"(Biagio Antonacci) A tour that comes from the intention of two people who want to give back to people what they have given us in these years. It will be a party where we will all be together. "

The artists will work on the lineup in the coming days, but anticipate that there will be unpublished duets, their great classics and their most recent hits, like their first single together, "Il dare di andare", currently on radio.

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